Comedy Book - Mel Kelly

March 2017 Amazon Bestsller!

Wow, what an amazing month! And now the book is an Amazon bestseller too 🙂

20170307 Amazon - Bestseller v1

20.03.2017 Podcast Interview with the The Comedy Cast

Check out my podcast interview with the excellent Spud Murphy from ‘The Comedy Cast’ where I talk about comedy in Germany and my new book

12.03.2017 Second ever TV Appearance with Bayerische Rundfunk

My second ever TV appearance!


10.03.2017 First ever TV appearance with Bayerische Rundfunk at Comedy City Battle 

My first ever TV Appearance with the Bayerische Rundfunk


10.12.2016 TEDxTUM

I was lucky enough to get a chance to my program “Born in Ireland, Made in German” at TEDxTUM event in Munich!