Comedy Club Munich 27.03.17

Podcast interview with ‘The Comedy Cast’

Check out my podcast interview with the excellent Spud Murphy from ‘The Comedy Cast’ where I talk about comedy in Germany and my new book:

First ever TV Interview!

Exciting times. Just had the Bayerische Rundfunk TV crew around to talk about prep for the Comedy City Battle tonight and my new book!


20170307 Amazon - Bestseller v1

Amazon Bestseller!

The German promised land of the 3 Bs [Pic]

What are the 3 Bs of the promised land of Germany?

Find out in in Chapter 7 of my new book.

Ebook available!

Who is right, girls, gays or God? [Pic]

Who is always right? Girls, gays or God?

Find out in Chapter 11 of my new book.


Want to live longer? – Learn German [Video]

Check out this video for the the secret to a longer life?

Find out more in Chapter 9 of my new book.


Does size really matter to the Germans? [Video]

Check out this video to see if size matters to the Germans?

Find out more in Chapter 12 of my new book.